Always Choose #JOY

I want these messages to help inspire, empower, and help you heal. It’s been alot going on in the world. Please choose JOY! Please check out the JOY Playlist on the homepage. Please make sure to always check out the monthly playlist on the homepage. I’m a connoisseur of music and take a lot of time curating […]

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Quotables: Writing Edition

Hey All! I’m so excited about this July/August theme. This is the writing edition. Please make sure to read the excerpts from my first book in the special Writing Edition Part II (the next blog). I will always be promoting my first book Just A Unicorn. 🦄✨ I attached some of my favorite quotes about […]

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When You Wish Upon A Star

I loved sitting outside in the evenings looking at the stars. I remember being a kid sitting on my parent’s porch in the summers. The stars would twinkle as if giving me a sign that whatever I was wishing for was about to come true. I wished upon many stars for several dreams to hopefully […]

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The Dreamer Dreams Bigger…

My writing life really sparkled in my teen years. I wrote several stories between 13-16. Writing was my savior because high school life was hell for me. Most of the time I wasn’t even the protagonist in my stories because I thought I was too dull. Beyonce has an alter ego called Sasha Fierce. Well, […]

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