The past nine months have been full of transformation for me on a personal note. I have learned more about what I want from my life in the past nine months than I have at any other time. I didn’t know the transformation was coming. I wasn’t expecting change but it came anyway. Transformation is […]

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Emotional Triggers

This is a repost from last May for Mental Health Awareness Month. A trigger is any word, person, event, or experience that creates a certain emotional reaction. Sometimes a trigger is positive but this post is about how to handle the negative ones. I like creating lists so this post will just be a list […]

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Piece of ’89 ( poem)

Started with chocolate mixed with cherry on my knee A scab…turned over dark in the summer of ’89 a tree summoned my bike called on it for a dutiful mission sun seduced me, joy and belly laughs diverted me the tree wanted to engulf me twist me up in its limbs rock me but it […]

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December 2022 Posts Update

Happy December! The posting schedule will be interesting this month. I will be posting 3x a week this month. This will not necessarily be the posting schedule moving forward, but it will be for this month. I usually post more during December because I enjoy and have a lot of updates during the holidays. The […]

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Experimental Writing

This will be quick. I just wanted to share that I did some experimental writing with Descent which comes out officially on Friday. The book is self-published and can be purchased on Amazon. I hope there are those out there that can appreciate books that are different with unique styles and pacing. I wanted to […]

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Celebrate ALL the Milestones

I don’t want to get too emotional in this post. All I can say is that the past two weeks have been very tough. This is why I want to make it clear that life is short and celebrate ALL your wins! All of them. I’m trying to do better with this myself. The past […]

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Book Details

Hello All! My final book of fiction will be available on November 4, 2022 on I’m very excited about putting this creative work out. It is a novella. It is about a black family from Louisville, KY. The book addresses generational curses and a few other things. I wanted to write a book that […]

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September Opens a New Door

I am excited about the plans I have coming in the next two months. September is just the beginning. I have been focused this month on preparing for the release of my final full-length book. I also wanted to work on more ways to market my previous books. I will talk more next month about […]

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