Finding yourself #3

Hi Everyone! This is the last “Finding Yourself’” activity. I think it’s a good one and I hope you participate in some way. Let’s start out with these 8 Questions first. (1) What difficult thoughts or emotions come up most frequently for you? (2) Which emotions do you find hardest to accept (guilt, anger, disappointment, […]

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Self-Care for Mental Health

Many of us are not given the tools as kids to regulate our emotions. We are not taught how to navigate through anger, pain, hurt, depression, heartache, confusion, stress, and disappointment. People don’t know how to handle all those hurdles so they only care about how to get you back to happy (because that’s what […]

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Preparation for May blogs

Happy Saturday! I hope you all are doing well. I hope the weather isn’t too bad where you are right now. I wanted to send out an important reminder message about May. I am currently working on some really important posts about mental health. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. If you don’t read any […]

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Unicorn Says Series II

Welcome to the Unicorn Says Series. This month I will share some excerpts from my nonfiction book titled Just A Unicorn. The book was self-published in 2018. It was a passion project that started in 2016. I wrote the book to encourage, educate, and empower. My book can be found on or be purchased […]

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Best Foods For Heart Health

I mentioned last month that my goal this year is to start eating healthy. I have always struggled with this because I don’t like vegetables. I like some vegetables like corn, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, greens, okra, and cauliflower but that’s it. I hate peas and green beans. I will actually eat peas if it […]

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Cheslie Kryst – In Memoriam

Cheslie Kryst was an intelligent, successful, and beautiful woman. It seemed to many of us she had everything going for her. Cheslie Kryst won the title of Miss USA in 2019. She was also a civil litigation lawyer and correspondent for Extra. Cheslie represented herself and her home state of North Carolina well. I’m not […]

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Mood II (New Beginnings)

January is here. The holidays are over. The end of December going into January is glorious and tiring and lovely. The end of last year was difficult, painful, and entertaining. This month we are celebrating a new year. We are celebrating 2022. We are celebrating victories. We are celebrating life. We are moving forward. We […]

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Black Mental Health Matters

Mental Illness Note: May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I plan to discuss mental health more next May. I will go a bit more in-depth on some issues. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Blacks have always looked down on mental illness.  It was a topic hushed away.  White people went to “shrinks” and black people went to church.  Prayer […]

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It’s OK to Take A “Me Day”

I think it is so important to take time away from your business schedule/spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/kids/friends and just do YOU for a few hours. It’s OK. I’m giving you a permission slip. (Yes, I can do that)! Haha. It’s sad that it took a Pandemic for more people to take time to just THINK. We all get […]

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