Sun at its Zenith

In a month that discusses Mental Health Awareness, there is nothing better than to spread some Joy. So, here is a poem I wrote about things that connect to joy. Tip-toed through hardy pampas grass in Kentucky with wine and revelry kicked up to a mountain high laughs, full of sunflower seeds the bright of […]

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Unicorn Says Series IV

Welcome to the Unicorn Says Series. This month I will share some excerpts from my nonfiction book titled Just A Unicorn. The book was self-published in 2018. It was a passion project that started in 2016. I wrote the book to encourage, educate, and empower. My book can be found on or be purchased […]

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Gratified, Beholden Expression

I wanted to share 10 ideas đź’ˇ for how anyone can give back to their community or just show gratitude for all they have. 1. Set up a charity/donation/fundraiser or give to a charity that you enjoy. For example: you can give to a children’s home, domestic violence shelter, a special church organization, or a […]

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It’s OK to Take A “Me Day”

I think it is so important to take time away from your business schedule/spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/kids/friends and just do YOU for a few hours. It’s OK. I’m giving you a permission slip. (Yes, I can do that)! Haha. It’s sad that it took a Pandemic for more people to take time to just THINK. We all get […]

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Always Choose #JOY

I want these messages to help inspire, empower, and help you heal. It’s been alot going on in the world. Please choose JOY! Please check out the JOY Playlist on the homepage. Please make sure to always check out the monthly playlist on the homepage. I’m a connoisseur of music and take a lot of time curating […]

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