My father told me several years ago that he creates gratitude lists to center himself. He told me I should start doing it too because I was having a rough time in that moment. I took his advice and started to create gratitude lists. I never realized how much my list would change with each […]

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The hardest lesson I have had to learn this year is the true cost of things. I had to truly understand the reality of how short life is and that anything can happen at any time. Your life really can change in a matter of minutes and you have to be prepared for the unexpected. […]


Just to Feel My Love

Growth. This year has been nothing but lesson after lesson after lesson for me. What about you all? What did you learn about yourself this year? What do you know for sure you would do differently next year? Did you lose any friendships? Did a relationship end? Has a promising relationship started? Did you realize […]

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What Love Looks Like

I bet you read the title and rolled your eyes. This won’t be a sappy post. Trust me. I have been struggling with how to write this post. It has been on my mind for a month. I am writing this post because I want to share what I think love looks like. I thought […]

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Love will never do without you

Writing wasn’t my first love. My first love was dancing. I thought I would grow up to be a professional dancer though I never took lessons. It’s interesting how in life we grow more into something that we thought we hated at one time. I hated writing for a long time. Many people don’t realize […]

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Celebrate ALL the Milestones

I don’t want to get too emotional in this post. All I can say is that the past two weeks have been very tough. This is why I want to make it clear that life is short and celebrate ALL your wins! All of them. I’m trying to do better with this myself. The past […]

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September Opens a New Door II

I’m always learning new lessons. I’m still evolving. I won’t stop stretching until I take my last breath. As soon as September 1 hit I knew I wanted more from my career and personal life. I am opening the door to a lot of new possibilities. There were a few things I didn’t think I […]

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