Best Foods For Heart Health

I mentioned last month that my goal this year is to start eating healthy. I have always struggled with this because I don’t like vegetables. I like some vegetables like corn, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, greens, okra, and cauliflower but that’s it. I hate peas and green beans. I will actually eat peas if it […]

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Grow Your Lil’ Heart

Bless your heart. If you are from the South you have heard this said at some point in your life. It has many meanings depending on the situation. It can mean you are genuinely concerned, it can be the same as “oh my goodness”, it can mean you are being polite for the sake of […]

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Take Personal Time

This will be brief. I just wanted to let people know that it is a good thing to take time away from work and have some personal time. Work is work. It is great and it pays the bills but it shouldn’t consume your whole day. Please step away from your computer, step away from […]

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Cheslie Kryst – In Memoriam

Cheslie Kryst was an intelligent, successful, and beautiful woman. It seemed to many of us she had everything going for her. Cheslie Kryst won the title of Miss USA in 2019. She was also a civil litigation lawyer and correspondent for Extra. Cheslie represented herself and her home state of North Carolina well. I’m not […]

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Spreading love is easy. All you have to do is write kind notes to people. Give hugs. It really is that simple. Spread LOVE. Say nice things to people. Give friendly notes to coworkers. Tell your parents you appreciae them. Call your friends for a good laugh. Donate. I live in Louisville, KY. In December […]


Mental Health Matters

This post will be short because May is actually Mental Health Awareness Month. I will devote the entire month to mental health topics. Therefore, I just want to share some things that help me and others I know to stay on the right track with our mental health. I do want to address something so […]

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