Farewell, 2021!

I really only have a few things to say about 2021. First, I want to say I felt blessed to see another year. I AM blessed to have supportive people around me. I have some great family and friends. I was blessed with a new vehicle this year. It was the highlight of my year. […]

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Peanuts Christmas!

I’m a Peanuts fanatic. My love of the Peanuts comic strip started with Snoopy. When I was growing up I loved the Sunday comics. Snoopy was so adorable to me. I was just a kid. I didn’t understand the constant existential crisis Charlie Brown was going through just yet. I was an adult before I […]

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When A Lone Star Twinkles

I rewatched the musical Hamilton recently. It was my third time watching it on TV. The song that stuck out to me on this third watch was the song with the lines Why do you write like you are running out of time. The song is called “Non-Stop”. The whole song is about how Alexander […]

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The Greatest Gift of All

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I want to conclude this year on a high note. This year was tough. I would almost say 2021 was tougher than 2020 because it was all about learning how to move forward while adjusting to a Pandemic. Many people are just figuring out what tomorrow will bring. I pray […]

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A Vision…

I recently saw a post that said a blessing can still happen before December 31st. The post hit me like a ton of bricks. I needed to read that post this week. My spirit needed to see it. I have been praying hard and wishing for a few things to transpire before 2022. Hope is […]

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Gifting Made Simple

I won’t make this a long post. I just wanted to tell everyone there are ways to gift without stress or going broke. Check out my list of options to gift without spending any or little money. Homemade coupons. Make a booklet or just give out single coupons you made to tell the person you […]

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