Sun at its Zenith

In a month that discusses Mental Health Awareness, there is nothing better than to spread some Joy. So, here is a poem I wrote about things that connect to joy. Tip-toed through hardy pampas grass in Kentucky with wine and revelry kicked up to a mountain high laughs, full of sunflower seeds the bright of […]

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I love you where you don’t understand yet how I just want to heal your scars I want to be your forever friend who celebrates your wins on the sidelines The one who prays for you when you lose loved ones and holds you up when you think you are taking on another fall

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Yearning is an ache unknown to those who have no soul If I make a place for you Will you tell the sun to stay Will the moon spy on us at night What is love if it isn’t a blanket that we can take with us through our forever



National Poetry Month is coming to an end. In honor of this glorious month, I thought I would just mention a little about the poems I published on the site. The poems I published on the site are new and will not be published anywhere else. I wanted to specifically have poems ready to go […]



A tender moment under sunshowers when tears release the pain of the day’s hurt tense muscles are relaxed from a long overdue hug and eskimo kisses

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Your dreams matter to me my friend Your baggage can be held by me my friend Your wins are celebrated by me my friend Your joy is my joy my friend Your sadness hurts me my friend Everything you do and are means so much my friend



I am marked for indelible crafted with refined tools by the crafter who defines beauty based on a ravaging heart

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monday blues

The love you shower over me makes me feel like a fool the brain is hardwired to share your positivity while you are awake I am torn by your delivery of grace and it’s cruel because I know nothing lasts and my heart once again will ache

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