How Shame Follows Us

I have a question: were you taught to be ashamed of being different? What if you really weren’t “ashamed of yourself”? Shame is one of the most complex feelings I have experienced in my life. I still don’t understand completely how shame works. My understanding of shame was always through the eyes of others. People […]

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Just to Feel My Love

Growth. This year has been nothing but lesson after lesson after lesson for me. What about you all? What did you learn about yourself this year? What do you know for sure you would do differently next year? Did you lose any friendships? Did a relationship end? Has a promising relationship started? Did you realize […]

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Go After What You Want

*Not a poem …just expressing a thought. Do you know what you want? If you did…would you go after it? Do you crawl to it, beg for it, or jump at it? Do you match the energy of the person you like? Do you know how to scream I LOVE THIS DAY when you wake […]

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December 2022 Posts Update

Happy December! The posting schedule will be interesting this month. I will be posting 3x a week this month. This will not necessarily be the posting schedule moving forward, but it will be for this month. I usually post more during December because I enjoy and have a lot of updates during the holidays. The […]

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Breaking until December

Hey All! November will be such a busy month that I will not have more posts coming until December. I will flood you all with posts in December. I promise I will. 😆 I hope you all enjoy the rest of November and enjoy your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving activities. Please continue to look back over […]

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What Love Looks Like

I bet you read the title and rolled your eyes. This won’t be a sappy post. Trust me. I have been struggling with how to write this post. It has been on my mind for a month. I am writing this post because I want to share what I think love looks like. I thought […]

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Celebrate ALL the Milestones

I don’t want to get too emotional in this post. All I can say is that the past two weeks have been very tough. This is why I want to make it clear that life is short and celebrate ALL your wins! All of them. I’m trying to do better with this myself. The past […]

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Gaslight, Redlight

This is a brief take. I wanted to talk about a topic on this fine summer day that happens to us all. We have feelings and people gaslight us. Gaslighting is when someone manipulates you and twists your thoughts and words. You become so confused that you think everything is your fault. Gaslighting is a […]

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Summer Break 2022

Hello All! I will be taking a summer break from the blog. I hope you take this time to check out my previous posts. I would definitely love it if you check out the tab about my books/merchandise. Please check it out and see if you may want to purchase one of my books. I […]

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