Finding yourself #3

Hi Everyone!

This is the last “Finding Yourself'” activity. I think it’s a good one and I hope you participate in some way.

Let’s start out with these 8 Questions first.

(1) What difficult thoughts or emotions come up most frequently for you?

(2) Which emotions do you find hardest to accept (guilt, anger, disappointment, etc.)? How do you handle these emotions?

(3) What are three self-defeating thoughts that show up in your self-talk? How can you reframe them to encourage yourself instead?

(4) What parts of life have surprised you most? What has turned out the way you expected it would?

(5) What recent choice (in the last four months) have you regretted? Why did you regret it?

(6) What is your favorite “action” word? (examples: make, bake, try, give)

(7) What do you look forward to most in the future?

(8) Write a short love letter to some object or place that makes you happy.


*Goal is to do at least 4 of these activities before the end of the month. Bonus points for you if you continue this throughout June.

Put on your favorite music and have a dance party in your home/apt

Talk to a friend about something funny that happened recently

Create a Pinterest board full of creative inspirations

Try a new recipe

Join a free online educational class

Attend a local community event that meets your interest

Go to a museum or art gallery

Participate in an open mic night (for comedy, singing, or poetry)

Volunteer at a place of your interest

Try gardening

Learn photography

Try a new “active” activity like skydiving, kayaking, etc.

Learn a new language

Ask someone you have associated with but haven’t befriended out for coffee (like someone at your job, the gym, your church, or in an organization you are in)

Read an educational or funny memoir/book

Have a picnic with close friends

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