Feeling special

Self-care is so essential. I think it is wonderful how people are taking time out to make sure self-care is a special part of their week or month. One of the best internal dialogues a person needs to have is what makes them feel special. What makes a person feel special is different for each individual.

Have you ever had that conversation with yourself? What makes you feel good? Who makes you feel good? Do you enjoy solitary time more than spending time with others? When you are spending time with others what do you enjoy most about those times?

Everyone wants to feel special. Everyone wants to feel like they matter to someone. Do you treat yourself by going out for a nice dinner, the theater, or a mini vacation?

Do you feel special by doing something special or spending time with a special person or people?

How often do you allow yourself to enjoy these special times? Do you do it 2x a week, once a month, or every other month? Do you let others in on secrets about you?

Sometimes, people can be really private about letting others into their world. I think it’s nice to let others in that you care about or trust into your private world. This is nice because it gives the person or people a chance to treasure you. There is nothing better than allowing someone in who can introduce you to you and show you more ways you should be treated well. Allow someone to treasure you! Let someone treat you special!

This Is How You Do It

  • Tell those in your life that matter to you that you liked to be hugged (I had no idea until recently how powerful hugs can be on the nervous system and mental health)
  • Tell those in your life that matter to you that quality time matters for you
  • Tell those in your life that matter to you that words of affirmation mean so much to you
  • Tell those in your life that matter to you that hearing the words that you appreciate them makes them smile

When people know what you like, they will continue to do that for you. They want to make you feel good. They want to make you smile. They want to make you feel special. They just need some guidance from you. This is why communication is key. Learn to tell people what you want and need from them…most people are not mind readers. It will make all the difference in how you connect to the world, to them, and the others around you.

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